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Acid Reflux Repair Kit*

Chronic heartburn and indigestion relief come from:

Betaine HCl - (180 capsules) restores normal stomach acid levels.

Digestive - (90 capsules) aids in digesting all food groups (carbs, fats, proteins, etc).

Melatonin - (60 capsules) keeps stomach acid from entering into the unprotected esophageal tissues.

In addition to relief from heartburn and indigestion, Acid Reflux Repair Kit will allow proper breakdown and utilization of all nutrients (allowing your body to use all the nutrients from the foods you eat), helping prevent fatigue, and unnecessary weight gain.

*People that are "high risk" should not take Betaine HCl wihout supervision. You are at high risk if you are consuming any anti-inflammatory medications. Examples are: corticosteroids, aspirin, Indocin, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or other NSAIDs. These drugs can damage the GI lining and supplementing with HCl could aggravate it, increasing the risks of bleeding or ulcer.


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